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Chen jian long


  “Art and Design envelopes us, creating an impact in our daily routine. I have a strong desire to create the best Art and Designs that will hopefully revolutionize the way people perceive their surroundings; my intentions are to unlock the eyes and provoke thoughts. I am often spellbound with the world around me and that is where I find my inspiration.”     

 - Chen Jian Long -

Cho Myung sik

1437399454450 (1).jpeg
1887 B.FA Seoul National University, Painting
1996 M.FA Seoul National University, Painting


All surrounding in our life appeal to us their own feature. My major work is concerned to my own ‘self-regulation’ in the progress of my art.

I expect that the object, materials, and each formal elements are complementarily cooperated each other. My life and own artwork are filled with my own words.

This coexistence is the mission for my continuous challenge.

Park Dong Jin

MFA Seoul National University 
Professor of Chuncheon National University of Education


My paintings depict something of my subconsciousness or repressed unconsciousness.

It is something that comes from the level of emotion rather than cognition, and that cannot be further elucidated despite giving it much attention….. that is anxiety, embarrassment, coincidence, anticipation, enthusiasm, ignorance, etc. which feel like the other.

This inconsistency is happening in my works and in each outside the works, explosively and with no coordination process。