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Chen jian long


  “Art and Design envelopes us, creating an impact in our daily routine. I have a strong desire to create the best Art and Designs that will hopefully revolutionize the way people perceive their surroundings; my intentions are to unlock the eyes and provoke thoughts. I am often spellbound with the world around me and that is where I find my inspiration.”     

 - Chen Jian Long -

Han Won Suk

Han Won Suk
President of H lab, Seoul, Korea
Standing member of committee, Korean Insitute of Architects
Consultant of Suseak Cultural space, Seoul Cityhall

Seoul Geumcheon ‘Art Factory’ Art Consultant
Seoul Shindang ‘Creative Arcade’ Art Consultant
Art Director of Interpark Theater, advicer of architecture

04.2004-03.2007  PhD. Candidate in Architecture, Dpt. of Architecture, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan 
06.2005-02.2006  Researcher at Tsinghua University, School of Architecture, China
09.2002-09.2003  Saints Martin Research Student, UK
04.2002-09.2002  Dutch Environmental Architecture Research Program, The Netherland
09.2001-09.2002  Master of Art , Chelsea College of Art & Design, UK